Friday, 16 June 2017

Get Bling Back To Your Shoes!
Stay Polished!

You say, “Why does it matter so much?” I say, “Because it makes a big difference in your shoes’ attempt to persevere!” You say, “But I will need to buy another pair in two years anyway!” I then say, “Yeah so will I but my old pair will still be on rotation while yours are sitting in the garbage!!”

Ever had that sinking feeling of ketchup dropping on your new favorite shoes?

Suedes, Canvas, Leather, Loafers, Boots, etc.; with options for footwear that fit almost every situation, the choices we have these days when it comes to shoes, slippers, stilettos, boots and more seem endless. Taking care of them seems to get complicated day by day. There’s no one solution for all.

The Laundry Basket is here to help!

At The Laundry Basket – we’re always looking for new, stimulating and useful categories of services to launch that would truly bring joy to our customers.

One such category that we recently launched in Bangalore is - Shoe Laundry! While some of you may not have heard of such a service, it means precisely what you think it means: We clean your dirty shoes and bring them back to Life!

These days, an average Indian person has got six to seven shoes, and most of them are quite expensive to give to local cobbler to get it fixed. The disappointment that comes when you can’t wear your favorite heels just because the leather has worn out and ripped. Different from the local cobbler: we don’t just polish the shoes; we clean them and make them look as good as new!

In Bangalore, where shoes are exposed to varied climatic conditions and dust, The Laundry Basket - Shoe Laundry is visibly a service in need.

Here’s what we do to make sure your shoes remain upbeat and shiny:

1. Dismantle your footwear completely

Our Experts will start examining the shoes received, and closely review if there are any damages, dirt gathered upon the shoe material.

2. Wash all dismantled parts with antiseptic and softener.Next is your shoes is washed with disinfectants to restore the fabric/leather and loosen up any amount of tightness that your shoes might have developed in the course of time.

3. Inspect dismantled material for any mutilation & imperfectionsAfter washing the shoes, our shoe expert will inspect the shoe fabric for any damages.

4. Polishing & waxingThe Act of Polishing and waxing the shoes is the process of conditioning the leather and polishing them for protection and longevity of the shoes.

5. Reassemble the footwear Once the above process had been completed, our experts will start to reassemble, stitch up again with new threads and knots.

6. Repackaging & deliveryThe shoe laundry service provider repackages your footwear in a cardboard box and delivers it to your doorstep.

Visit any of our outlets or just schedule your pick-up through our app and get your “Sole Mates” back to life!

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